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AI-Ceramic Coating

SermeTel W-FX2 (Praxair)     SermeTel W coating systems are multilayer, inorganic coatings designed to provide corrosion protection of ferrous alloys at temperatures up to 1100°...

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Diffusion Coating

Pack Cementation Aluminizing       The most common type of coating for environmental protection of superalloys is the aluminide diffusion coating via pack-powder (pack cementation...

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Hi-Temp Coating

EVK -103    EVK-103 composite coating system is a water-based slurry coating consisting of special metallic oxide that has great resistance against high temperature oxidation...

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Sealant Coating

Ceral 50     Ceral 50 is a phosphate-based seal coat that may be applied over Ceral 34 for the purpose of both improving corrosion resistance and extending the life of the coating. The...

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Special Coating

Special Coating Services  At Shafta® Surface Technologies,it’s our goal to help you get more protection,more customization and more performance from your parts.To do that, we work...

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