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AI-Ceramic Coating

SermeTel W-FX2 (Praxair)
   2-2-(2).jpgSermeTel W coating systems are multilayer, inorganic coatings designed to provide corrosion protection of ferrous alloys at temperatures up to 1100°F (595°C). SermeTel W basecoats consist of an aqueous, inorganic binder combined with aluminium particles that provide galvanically-sacrificial corrosion protection. SermeTel W coatings are ideally suited for components where corrosion, heat protection, resistance to engine fluids and antifouling protection are required. these systems can be customized for thickness and processing temperature to meet specific requirements of various applications.

Ceral 34 (CeralUSA)
   1-1-(1).jpgCeral 34 is an inorganic ceramic aluminium coating consisting of very fine aluminium powder suspended in a chromate/phosphate binder. It is used primarily as a corrosion- and erosion-resistant coating on steel parts operating in environments up to 1100° F (593° C). It is normally applied by conventional spray techniques, although brushing and dipping are also possible. Coated components are dried and furnace-cured in order to fuse the binder and form a homogenous coating. The coating provides a barrier between the substrate and the environment, and can be made conductive to provide galvanic and sacrificial protection. It is an overlay coating relying on physical and chemical bonding for adhesion. There is no metallurgical bond, thus allowing the coating to be easily stripped without degradation of the substrate. It is resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuel and hot water, and is highly resistant to thermal shock and impact damage.
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