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Sealant Coating

Ceral 50
  Ceral 50 is a phosphate-based seal coat that may be applied over Ceral 34 for the purpose of both improving corrosion resistance and extending the life of the coating. The seal coat also serves to improve surface finish by filling any microscopic voids created by the dispersed aluminium particle distribution of the Ceral 34. Ceral 50 is an aqueous, inorganic material with a low viscosity, making its characteristics similar to those of water when being applied to a surface. Coated components are dried and furnace cured in order to form a homogenous coating. The resultant binary coating is intended for use on steel parts operating in environments up to 1100° F (593°C). It is resistant to hydraulic fluids, fuel and hot water, and is highly resistant to thermal shock and impact damage. Ceral 50 is a binder-rich solution that may be PIGMENTED to impart colour to the overall coating.


Equivalent products: IP®9184, Ceral® 50SC, Sermaseal® 570A, Alseal® 598, GECC®1.