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Special Coating

Special Coating Services
  At Shafta® Surface Technologies,it’s our goal to help you get more protection,more customization and more performance from your parts.To do that, we work with you to selector develop coatings based on your operating environment andproduction requirements. Then we combine advanced preparation services,the right application technology and post-coating operations tocreate optimal coating performance for any component. Explore our full portfolio of metallic and ceramic coating familiesto find the one that best meets your needs. And if we don’t have it,we’ll work with you to provide a coating based on your unique application , operational environment and specifications. 
   Some of special coating that we can perform as follows:
  • Aluminum-heat resistance Coating based on MIL TT-P-28E standard.
  • Sermetel 249 Aluminum-ceramic coating on Landing-gear part.  
  • Molykote Aero Antifriction coating according to PWA 474, MIL-L-46010D.
  • Akzonoble polyurethane anti-skydroll paints for Landing-Gear cylinders and accessories
  • SermaLon A PTFE-impregnated topcoat that provides a barrier against corrosion and excellent resistance to fouling. The coating system provides excellent protection to carbon and stainless steel substrates when exposed to hydrocarbons, corrosive steam conditions, sour gas or low pH wet chloride environments.